Hello there! My name is Britney and welcome to my blog! This blog is going to be centered around music and music videos as both of these things are very important to me. I thought it would be fun to have a place where I could chat about my favorite songs and music videos and possibly find some of you who have similar tastes!

On this blog I would love to be able to review music videos and also share some current news about the music industry. I’ll discuss songs and albums currently in the top 10 and maybe my readers could share their own thoughts in the comments! This could be an outlet to not only discuss our favorite music, but also to discover new music from each other that we may have never found otherwise!

I’ve always believed that music can bring people together and that is my hope with creating this blog! To kick this off, everyone reading should comment their favorite song down below! I would love to listen to them all and maybe share my thoughts with you.