songGiving the gift of song to your sweetheart is hands down one of the most thoughtful and touching gestures you can ever make. If this were a race, the boring and highly outdated traditional bouquet of flowers would be left eating your song’s dust doesn’t stand a chance of beating a song.

Talent often is a large portion of what makes you the person who you are. Using your talent to write a personal song is special for multiple reasons. One being that writing music is something that most people can’t do, making it an unexpected kind of gift that stands out above others. Not everyone can boast that a song was written especially for them. But more importantly is the fact that a song you write is a gift that comes from your heart and is a means to touch someone else’s and connect them.

Flowers are on the opposite end of the romantic gift spectrum and is miles away from being unique. Anyone can go into a store and buy a bouquet or make a hand picked one (though the hand picked variations tends to be a little bit better than the professional). The gesture is sweet, but there’s not really a lot of depth in it. Going out of your way to find their favorite flower doesn’t add much merit either. You can certainly send a bouquet with a card containing a particular sweet note or poem, which will make the gift have a little more sentimental weight, but using such a cliche present still hides risks. If you are looking for other ideas for presents – is a good place to get some.

Personally written songs aren’t the only musical medium that you can use to make your loved one swoon. Lyrics can be written that acts as a poem or musical scores can be conducted just for them. You can even go a step further and try to find ways to incorporate one of their favorite songs into some form of event or activity such as hiring a band or DJ. Custom made compilation CD’s or playlists can work as well, though they are a bit juvenile once you reach a certain age, but on the other hand that can be very feature that makes them charming as well. The music you select shows the level of understanding you have about their personal tastes by picking song within their preferred genre or picking songs that introduce them to new artists that you think might suit their pallet.

In the end, if you are blessed with musical talent, by god don’t let it go to waste. There never has and never will be a person who doesn’t like music and there’s nothing in the that world touches the soul the music does. In fact, because music can be so powerful, it can feel unfair and look like cheating to the rest of us who aren’t musically endowed. You musicians out there have a direct route to your loved one’s emotional core, while the rest have to work three times as hard to be able to compete.